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developer:Alphyn Software
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platform: Windows, Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.x, Windows XP
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Multi Replace Pro

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Description:   Multi Replace is a batch search and replace tool capable of performing these functions in
multiple files simultaneously. Essentially, the tool searches and replaces symbols, names, words,
sentences or paragraphs in all files where these manipulations need to be done, rather than making
you do it on a file by file basis.

Obviously, this tool is incredibly convenient for writers, secretaries, programmers, web
developers and other professionals who work with text strings. A typical task for Multi Replace
would be to change a company name in all documents after re-branding or to replace old URL links
with new ones in all HTML documents that belong to certain web project. Multi Replace offers a
number of nifty search and replace features. For example, all replacements can be limited only to
files stored in a specified folder/subfolder or only to files of certain type(s). It is also
possible to exclude files from being processed. There is even an automatic backup option that
makes it possible to revert back to old files in case anything goes wrong. More importantly, there
are several choices for replacement actions: replace with, replace between, insert before, insert
after or delete. File type masks, case sensitivity, customized replacement rules and batch or
one-by-one processing options are available as well.

The program builds itself into Explorer's context menu and is always readily available. For more
convenience, all processed files can be exported to a specified output folder. The replacement
settings can be saved for future processing. Multi Replace is 100% FREE to download and try. Get
it now and you'll never go back to your older, slower, one-file-at-a-time solution.

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